Decor Haven

This is my new site page called Decor Haven where I will share some tips on decorating, accessorizing, and staging a home without breaking the bank. Sometimes, I will use my home as a stage for this tips and other times I will pull other ideas to put a little color and bling in your home. This week I am including the recent updates to our home. They certainly were not high dollar additions but they add some brightness to our home.

Staging Outside with Colors April 2019 deck project. Making our multi level decks come alive for the rest of Spring and Summer. My emphasis is adding color to the neutral colors while maintaining a natural inviting setting for the beauty of the trees and flower beds for a wonderful backdrop. It is the little additions can make the scene enticing.

Adding a gray retractable canopy gave us much needed shade. Now to finish the look.

The planters are variable blue in color pulling blue onto the lower deck.

I start by adding colors and patterns to see how they work together. Start small as it requires visualizing how much space you have to fill. I don’t buy everything at once but add as I go.

See the transformation once I decided how many cushions and pillows. It is easier to coordinate with splashes of color but maintain the neutral backgrounds. Think of Red, Green and White or Silver for Christmas. Cushions can be switched for seasonal decorations but stay neutral with the basics.

Add small accessory items for extra punch but don’t over do it. Small effects can make a big impact. Too much can take away from the real focus, Outdoor natural settings pull the big punch.
Even though I maintain neutral, for the color splash I will add an outside rug under the table for the necessary splash. I may for special outdoor dining add blue vases or containers with fresh flowers. Can you see how great a rug of the blues, grays, and tans would work?

Sometimes it can be a small change, a little splash of color and coordination that gives an uplifting environment. Greg and I bought new washcloths yesterday and he made a run to his second home Lowes and FaceTime me and we picked out an air plant for our Master Bath. I used two bronze planters as a wash cloth holder integrated colors. On the breakfast nook table an innovative planter with stand containing beautiful succulent that leaves plenty of room for plates and glasses but is dramatic with the decorative wall panel. All of these changes were not expensive but made a brighter world. I also bring a transfer of color from BR to bath by taking the teal used in BR into Bathroom. The decorator in me remains so hopefully you like these little tips.

Wonderful dramatic but non-intrusive table piece with live succulent in white planter with black stand.

This succulent lives in moss and is dramatic with the red/black and white in this breakfast nook. Not overpowering with plenty of room to add pieces for special occasions but not too large either.

This is an Arline creation of using two containers for uniqueness of combining two planters for a display holder for the washcloths. This brings back such a personal memory of my trade show days when my employees would wonder what I was making when I would start putting together the oddest combinations. It is that flair side of me that may be close to a form of insanity. LOL

In trying to get the added items, I couldn’t show the bamboo plants in the glass containers in this pic. The one in the corner is huge and the ones in the other one are babies off the big one and they are growing fast. Combining fresh plants, shells, natural candles and wood pieces are a great combination.
Here is where I mix different towels but they come together. I added the colorful but still sedated washcloths to add a hint of color. One tip is not to go crazy with colors. Different tones of same color theme works well together.
Close up of this mysterious looking air plant. Old urn brings the natural charm with a Desert Sand protector for the cabinet.
Greg found this air plant which requires indirect light and a weekly mist so how easy is that. This room combines the natural desert sand color with the white ceramic tile with the same color accent tiles. My collection of shells adorn the top of the bath.
Peacock feathers bring out teal and then here comes the eclectic arrangement of natural and shiny with focus on different shapes and sizes but mellowed with a common color combo.