CALMNESS IS A GREAT DIET AID. The older I get; hopefully a little wiser in how our bodies works. I have discovered for myself the calmer I stay, the easier it is to maintain a healthier body. I have to say my weight is not where it should be, but it is lower than it was. All of my “health” numbers are easier to maintain. I think I have realized it is similar to a vehicle. A vehicle that is maintained regularly with proper oil changes, tire rotation, quality gas, etc. as well as smooth driving will enable a vehicle to keep running and so the body reacts similar.
Think about times in your lives when “living was easy“. We, as children, eat more natural foods (I lived in an earlier time than the fast food world now). We had gardens and grew vegetables. Our trees had fruit as well as grape vines. We had meat from animals which had been raised without all of the growth hormones. Our snacks were limited and when we got something sweet, it was a treat and not our mainstay foods. 
Our lives were more peaceful and every word out of someone’s mouth was not negative like most conversations are today. Media meant very little to us and personal relationships meant something significant. We had entertaining and somewhat silly in the humor arena. We laughed a lot; we cried when it was a loss of a loved one. 
I feel we have fallen victim to media hype. We didn’t know all of the insane things which may have been going on but we were not filled to the brim with so much negativity. Old men sat around and discussed politics but not in the horrendous ways of today.
Here is a great article to back up what I feel about calmness when we eat.

The #1 thing necessary for good digestion, is likely the number one thing the majority of people are not able to make happen. Since digestion begins in the brain, it is critical our brain is in the right state in the first place, prior to taking the first bite.  So, what is the #1 thing you should do for good digestion?  RELAX! Eat every meal or snack in a relaxed, calm state and peace of mind. Okay, just how many of you think I’m crazy because … 

Relaxed Eating For Optimal Digestion ~ 5 Tips Plan your meals & schedule the time. Don’t wait until the last minute and eat when you are very tired and hungry. Make the time for breakfast lunch or dinner so that you are not in a rush. For example, my son played football this fall and we would eat dinner rather late when his games were over. I made sure dinner was already prepared so when we got home we could sit down and eat. Another example; I … 

The article is worth the read and please click on it for the full article. You will find it very informative with technical explanations for why this function is vital to all of us.

I am saying all of this to say……Negativity and hostility breeds nervousness and along with nervousness, our minds and unfortunately our bodies react in the same way as when you don’t use quality gas in your car and it starts jerking and sputtering and can shut down. Our bodies work the same way. 
My suggestion is when we eat; we should shut off the television, put our phones on silent, and say a prayer of thanks for what we have been given. Talk with others should be light hearted and a good laugh will work better than all of the anti-acid medication. It would be better to eat alone in quiet surroundings than to engage in battering conversations. In other words, BE CALM and allow your food to properly digest. The affairs of the world can wait. Nourish your body in a relaxing way. Try to eat calmly and see if your health improves and your body returns to functioning in a more natural healthy way.

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TODAY THE WORDS are A SUNRISE LIKE NO OTHER. Throughout our lives, we have witnessed may sunrises, some more outstanding than others. Some of us may have, as on this special occasion attended sunrise ceremonies, to see how miraculous each sunrise is and how unique the sun can alter its magnificent appearance. We take photographs of the first peek of the sun rising above the land, lake, mountain or ocean and expressions of excitement or a quite, reverent sigh comes out of our mouths. I have been known to hug when it bursts from the bottom and starts its powerful climb into the sky.

Sunrises are awesome but this morning as so many Easter mornings, my heart goes to the sunrise like no other which I want to believe had to occur when Jesus rose from the tomb. As humbly as Jesus lived, even His resurrection and appearance to Mary Madeline was quiet and demure. However, I believe God was beyond happy, beyond excited, and beyond control of being quiet and was bursting with pride as a Father would be and had to “show out” with the most brilliant, most illustrious sunrise. The clouds from the gloomy Good Friday were pushed back and the skies had to be that blue which only God can produce and allow God’s creative sunrise to shine through. It makes me think this special sunrise almost would hurt the viewer’s eyes but it had to be so incredible, the viewer could also not turn away. I would think people who were awake might even give the other person with them a hug. Something special about this day would be on their minds.

For my deeper thought….Were they aware of how special and how their lives would be forever changed by this sunrise and the events which had taken place? Do we, as people realize that no matter how people who try to change the truth of the real meaning of Easter, fail in the final attempt? As each sunrise occurs, the same glory God felt on that first Easter is present today and what changed with that sunrise that was like no other is present today. When you have seen a beautiful sunrise, and your heart feels it is like no other; I think it may be God reminding us of His Son’s Resurrection and pathway for our salvation. Enjoy Easter; enjoy each sunrise and sunset; and recognize God’s beauty in all of these things.


Mark 16

They entered the tomb. As they did, they saw a young man dressed in a white robe. He was sitting on the right side. They were alarmed.
“Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. But he has risen! He is not here! See the place where they had put him. Go! Tell his disciples and Peter, ‘He is going ahead of you into Galilee. There you will see him. It will be just as he told you.’”

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WHY THE THIRD DAY and NOT THE SECOND? Sometimes my mind escapes to a place where thoughts bring questions. Many scholars, more qualified than me, have chimed in with appropriate scriptures on where was Jesus in the interim between Crucifixion and Resurrection. This morning when I woke, I realized today is the day in between those great moments in Christian faith. As there is some time between the sad moment when Christ was put to death and then the thought of rising tomorrow morning to celebrate His Life Overcoming Death; I also thought what his followers were thinking during that day between…Did they stay calm? Did their faith stay strong? Did they have doubts creep in? Did they imagine they were in the presence of One So Great? This made me think of the time periods in our lives we have to wait for a decision, or we have to bury a loved one, or we are waiting for news, What are our thoughts during a waiting period? This is something to think about as we go toward a day like no other, Easter and The Resurrection. I thought I would spend this day in between in prayer and reverence, preparing for the beauty and promise of eternity and everlasting life because of Jesus’s sacrifice and gift of forgiveness. May you reflect on the summarization of what I think the second day was reserved for: A day to reflect on our personal relationship with God. When our faith is tested, what are our thoughts? Do we stand steadfast or do we doubt? God gave us the time to take in what happened and a test to see if we are serious in our faith. 

Here is an article which gives us some insight as where it is believed Jesus spent that time in between to save others. 
Question: “Where was Jesus for the three days between His death and resurrection?”
Answer: First Peter 3:18–19 says, “Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit, in which he went and proclaimed to the spirits in prison” (ESV). The word spirit refers to Christ’s spirit. The contrast is between His flesh and spirit, and not between Christ’s flesh and the Holy Spirit. Christ’s flesh died, but His spirit remained alive.
First Peter 3:18–22 describes a necessary link between Christ’s suffering (verse 18) and His glorification (verse 22). Only Peter gives specific information about what happened between these two events. The KJV says that Jesus “preached” to the spirits in prison (verse 19). However, the Greek word used is not the usual New Testament word for preaching the gospel. It simply means “to herald a message”; the NIV translates it as “made proclamation.” Jesus suffered and died on the cross, His body being put to death. But His spirit was made alive, and He yielded it to the Father (Luke 23:46). According to Peter, sometime between Jesus’ death and His resurrection Jesus made a special proclamation to “the spirits in prison.”
In the New Testament, the word spirits is used to describe angels or demons, not human beings. In 1 Peter 3:20, Peter refers to people as “souls” (KJV). Also, nowhere in the Bible are we told that Jesus visited hell. Acts 2:31 says that He went to Hades (New American Standard Bible), but Hades is not hell. Hades is a term that refers, broadly, to the realm of the dead, a temporary place where the dead await resurrection. Revelation 20:11–15 in the NASB and the NIV makes a clear distinction between the Hades and the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the permanent, final place of judgment for the lost. Hades is a temporary place for both the lost and the Old Testament saints.
Our Lord yielded His spirit to the Father, died physically, and entered paradise (Luke 23:43). At some time between His death and resurrection, Jesus also visited a place where He delivered a message to spirit beings (probably fallen angels; see Jude 1:6); these beings were somehow related to the period before the flood in Noah’s time (1 Peter 3:20). Peter does not tell us what Jesus proclaimed to the imprisoned spirits, but it could not be a message of redemption since angels cannot be saved (Hebrews 2:16). It was probably a declaration of victory over Satan and his hosts (1 Peter 3:22; Colossians 2:15). Ephesians 4:8–10 also seems to give a clue regarding Jesus’ activities in the time between His death and resurrection. Quoting Psalm 68:18, Paul says about Christ, “when he ascended on high, he took many captives” (Ephesians 4:8). The ESV puts it that Christ “led a host of captives.” The reference seems to be that, in paradise, Jesus gathered all the redeemed who were there and took them to their permanent dwelling in heaven.
All this to say, the Bible isn’t entirely clear what exactly Christ did for the three days between His death and resurrection. From what we can tell, though, He comforted the departed saints and brought them to their eternal home, and He proclaimed His victory over the fallen angels who are kept in prison. What we can know for sure is that Jesus was not giving anyone a second chance for salvation; we face judgment after death (Hebrews 9:27), not a second chance. Also, He was not suffering in hell; His work of redemption was finished on the cross (John 19:30).
Recommended Resources: Jesus: The Greatest Life of All by Charles Swindoll and Logos Bible Software.

John 19:41 At the place where Jesus was crucified, there was a garden, and in the garden a new tomb, in which no one had ever been laid.

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TODAY THE WORDS are GOOD FRIDAY. I realize there are a lot of people who do a Happy Dance every Friday marking the usual end of the work week and announcing the weekend. I get tickled at the cute cartoons that accompany the Happy Dance on Facebook. I find that most people associate Fridays as “good” but today marks a different kind of “Good Friday” and is celebrated by Christians as A Friday Like No Other Friday. Let’s look at why it stands out beyond all of the other Fridays in the entire year. What makes it so special and different? 

On Facebook, we may see the usual Happy Dance cartoons and statements, but along with those, we will see the face of Christ, usually marked by the dramatic face of human pain and sacrifice and hung on a wooden cross. Why, oh why, would we, as humans, consider this a special day remembering His pain? Each year on this day, and especially mid afternoon, when it is normal for the wind to increase, and a certain darkening of the skies, we stop and pray, some cry, some get quieter, and some take the time to say thank you to Christ, the reason for this special Friday. As sad as it must seem to people who do not fully understand why the labeling of Good Friday to mark the crucifixion of a young man, hung along side a murderer and a thief. If anyone has studied the painful, slow death from crucifixion, it is a horrible way to die and I don’t know if we, as a modern society, where there isn’t a visual aid (and I thank God there isn’t one), have a clue on this horrendous act. As horrendous as it was, why then do we, as Christians, think this is a Good Friday? 
It is because of this sacrifice, we have been offered the eternal promise. Christ paved the way for us to have everlasting life. Did He have to do this act of being a martyr? No, but we have been blessed and have salvation offered to us because He chose to make the sacrifice. The ultimate reason for celebrating Good Friday as it prepares us for the real celebration of Easter. Christ knew He would be resurrected, He had the knowledge of His Father, He had the faith and He willingly gave His Life. If I have ever heard a reason to do the Friday Happy Dance, we need to be dancing in the streets on Good Friday and I wonder if we need to think of it as “GREAT FRIDAY”.

Dance through life, shout with joy, and love with all of your might!

Matthew 27:54 When the centurion and those who were with him, keeping watch over Jesus, saw the earthquake and what took place, they were filled with awe and said, “Truly this was the Son of God!”

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This painting by Austrian artist Eduard Veith shows a scene at the mythical Fountain of Youth. Throughout history, people have sought magical ways to restore their youth.

Photograph by Fine Art Photographic Library/CORBIS

  Before you jump up to call for me some mental assistance since you are thinking, “Has she lost her mind?”, I want to explain how this is the topic for today. No, I am not the inventor of some wonder cream or some magic potion for anti aging. I have not found the fountain of youth proclaimed to be discovered by Ponce de Leon in Florida. 

An excerpt from National Geographic says,

 But the tale of the search for a fountain of youth is so appealing that it survives anyway, says Ryan K. Smith, a professor of history at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond.

“People are more intrigued by the story of looking and not finding than they are by the idea that the fountain might be out there somewhere,” Smith says.

No original documents survive from Ponce de Leon’s Florida expedition. Spanish historians writing long after he died in 1521 may have created the story that he was seeking the fountain to make fun of him because he was an old man who wanted to restore his sexual vigor, Smith says.”

If you watch TV or look at ads, you will see the latest and greatest return to youth potions, creams, lotions, vitamins, etc. and in America alone, we spend billions of dollars. Arlene Weintraub, who spent four years researching Selling the Fountain of Youth, says the anti-ageing industry has grown from virtually nothing to a staggering $88bn in 10 years, with few products and procedures regulated in the same way as normal pharmaceuticals and medical cures. Much of it is based on replacing the body’s hormones as people grow older. But it also includes extensive use of products such as Botox, vitamin supplements and dietary fads. All have become hugely popular, but there is little proof that they work – or are 100% safe.

My summarization of all of the youth seeking crowd, is a memory of one of my great aunts who she and her husband were deaf impaired and could not speak except utter some words and she was childless. Her skin was like porcelain, her hair was snow white, and the biggest makeup she had on her face was a soft pink lipstick outlining the most beautiful smile topped by some incredible blue eyes. It was amazing she seemed to not have any wrinkles (but in reality she did) and the secret was when she smiled, her wrinkles just disappeared. God gave us smiles to soften our faces while pulling our skin up in the most flattering way. Smile and take years off our faces is an instant year reducer and guess what? It costs nothing but a heart dedicated to living a happy life.

John 4:14                     
But whoever drinks of the water that I will give him will never be thirsty again. The water that I will give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

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TODAY THE WORDS are GET REAL WITH LIFE. I am a firm believer until you get real with life; you cannot get real with any individual part of it. Diets? How many have you tried? For me, more than I can count. Career? How many jobs have you tried and how many different directions have you gone? For me, until the last 10 years have I found my niche even though all of the former paths led me to my current one. Self Confidence? How many times have you doubted your decisions? Even though some people seem to have a lot of self confidence; several struggle with their inner self.

Life teaches and we are students of our environment. Getting real with abilities; stepping outside comfort zones; trying new jobs and hobbies; allowing a broader sense of what life has to offer are essential components of “GETTING REAL“. There is not enough make up to conceal flaws because even camouflaged; they are internally and mentally lodged into our being. This is what I would like to discuss.
First, when a person can get naked in front of the mirror and GET REAL with our human looks; life can take on a new meaning. Don’t get me wrong; use make up if you have a flaw. Modern science and technology has allowed us cover creams, new wrinkle products, highlighters, wigs, etc. and etc. but first…….GET NAKED and GET REAL. Some of the worlds’ most successful people are actually unattractive or they have learned to camouflage very well. So let’s take me so all of you are off the hook on this one and I will share how to GET REAL WITH YOURSELF. 

1) I am 67 not 27 and nature and gravity have taken some toll. Laugh at the changes as everyone says “You get wiser as you get older”. I think the wisdom is you see without blinders so enjoy each scar of love and life.
2) I really was skinny younger and never knew it until I got what I like to call “un-skinny”. The wisdom is I never appreciated the skinny state and thought I needed to be slimmer. How ironic is this absurdity. I now refer to me not as fat but fluffy and my outlook on being skinny has been archived. I have those pictures like most of you have for proof of this stage in my life.
3) I see reality a lot clearer even though my eyesight is not sharp without my glasses. I realize the diminutive state of eyesight is to help us not see the flaws as well as we used to see. It is life’s warped way of allowing us when dealing with the changes. So, we have to stand closer when we do our NAKED appraisal.

4) Health becomes more of an objective of our lives. What really happens is we get scared because we used to be invincible and shied away from taking care of ourselves. It is the same as having a vehicle and never changing the oil as we should; the engine goes as the heart goes in humans. If that same car is taken care of with proper maintenance, it will keep running forever. What have we done with our auto bodies? Have we properly maintained our bodies or do most of us wait until our engine starts the chug-chug-chug-clink-clink and then we end up at the hospital (garage) for an overall.
I hear people over and over promising to eat better; do better; exercise more; and cutting down on bad habits. The problem is I keep hearing the promises and not hearing any action. Saying you are going to take the car in for upkeep and then not doing it is asking for a transmission or engine overall.
5) Accepting the flaws of our personality. No, we are not all Mother Teresa or Maya Angelou and if any of us are Saints; no one is calling us for Sainthood. I don’t mean any negativity; I am being real.
Each of us have special qualities; each of us have weaknesses; all of us can find the healthy, positive parts of our souls and push those forward while accepting we are not all things to all people and to some people we may mean nothing. Is this something you can accept; I can. It took a long time to accept what is the total package of Arline Lott Miller and I am finally fine with me.  I loved the movie THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY. As long as we strive to build on the Good parts of us, we will be fine.
Okay, I will get dressed now. I feel very strong about the Naked Look into the mirror. First, have a good laugh if you see wrinkles, scars, redness in the eyes, sagging skin, or whatever. Thank God for having a sense of humor when he designed us. If a person without legs can swim; if a deaf person can write the most beautiful song; and a blind person can paint a masterpiece…..What’s our excuse?
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Saint Patrick used the three leaves of the shamrock (clover commonly found in Ireland) to teach the Irish people about the Trinity (God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit).

Kristin Duvall / Photographer’s Choice / Getty Images

TODAY THE WORDS are FOUR LEAF CLOVERS.  Today, being St. Patrick’s Day, the topic was very easily innovating. So many people are celebrating for so many reasons, and I am not judging, but how many of the ones drinking the green beer, wearing green, accessorizing with four leaf clovers and all of the traditional Irish garb and not knowing why.

Patrick had miraculous success bringing Christianity to the people of Ireland. Before Patrick began his mission to share the Gospel message with the Irish people, many of them were practicing pagan religious rituals and struggled to understand how God could be one living spirit in three persons (the Holy Trinity: God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit). So Patrick used shamrock plants (clover that commonly grows in Ireland) as a visual aid. He explained that just as the shamrock has one stem but three leaves (four-leaf clovers are the exception), God was one spirit who expressed himself in three ways.

Patrick recorded baptizing many thousands of people after they came to understand God’s love for them through the Gospel message and chose to become Christians. His efforts to share his faith with people also led to many men becoming priests and women becoming nuns.
Now, for the thought associated with four leaf clover searches……They are supposed to bring good luck and fortune……From reading about the miracles of St. Patrick and the use of the 3 leaf clover depicting the Holy Trinity, that is all of the luck we will ever need. When, as a child, I searched for the four leaf clover, I overlooked millions of 3 leaf clover while looking for the magical Four leaf clovers. May we stop looking for the illusive things in life and be as St. Patrick and be aware of God’s presence, Our Lord’s presence and the Holy Spirit in our fields of life! Happy St. Patrick’s day!
John 2:11 – This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.
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