STARTING OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER is the topic which came to my mind  after a week’s break from social media and apparently from my healthy eating lifestyle. Oh wow, how many times do I start over? Do you start over many times or are you one who is disciplined enough to remain loyal to any routine, habit, exercise, or eating program? We are about to get real on this blog post so no need to give excuses, justifications, and blatant lies, oops caught us didn’t I?

I have started many programs to lose weight, get in better physical shape, eat healthier, etc., and etc., and etc. I am elaborating on all of the extras by the over use of etc. but it is  a point in this discussion.

Let’s examine how we get to the mental state and the reasons we repeatedly quit over and over again. Have you given thought as to why it becomes necessary to restart our engines, turn our bodies off, and then why we try to start our engines again?

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First, an interesting article to ponder the ways and reasons to start over. You can click on Starting Over to go directly to this article by:

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10 Ways and Reasons You Can Start Over

Once you honestly commit to changes, you’ve started the process.

Posted Jan 17, 2010

Starting Over

Instead of making a resolution, which most of us aren’t all that great at keeping, why not look for some areas in your life where you’d like to begin anew? Here are some tools to make starting over a little easier and your new year a little more emotionally fit.

1. Starting over is not the same as recouping from a failure. It is a new beginning. This mindset is helpful because it keeps you from wasting your time being too hard on yourself.

2. Moving through life is like climbing stairs. You go up a level and then you level off. Nothing is ever a straight shot. Have some patience with yourself and with your newfound direction.

3. This new year is also a new decade. It could also be a new life if you approach it in the right way. Sometimes little ideas can turn into big things. Try writing that letter to the editor or, if you need to, make the choice to drink a little less alcohol.

4. Endings are not necessarily bad things. Even if the past year was your best so far, the one ahead might just leave it in the dust. This is also true if it’s been your worst year so far, and you’ve suddenly found yourself unemployed or unattached.

5. Starting over may feel scary, but it’s really a cause for celebration. Think of it as exciting, and many of your anxious feelings will begin to fade.

6. Remember that your future is not governed by your past. No matter what has happened in your life, you can find a way to make things a little better for yourself, and hopefully for those around you as well.

7. Having to start over is different from choosing to start over. For those whose lives are still in chaos because of manmade and natural disasters, starting over is not a choice. Giving support to those in need and being able to accept it when necessary are great qualities.

8. Healthy alternatives to negative lifestyle patterns abound. Take baby steps if you don’t feel comfortable making all your changes on January 1. If you can’t stop a bad habit, start by cutting back. It’s okay to give yourself a little time to moderate or stop something that’s hurting you.

9. It’s not all about joining a gym to get fit. What about taking a dance class to get in shape and have fun at the same time? Starting over can mean chasing your dreams. We’re happiest when we’re moving toward a goal.

10. Starting over is about giving yourself a chance at real happiness. You will have to be brave and get good at learning new things, but how bad can that be? At the very worst, you will acquire the skills you need to start on the next project.


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Being a pro at starting over I gave this some thought about the positive approach to starting over and not fearing it. Here are some of them for your thought process:

  • Starting over is like taking a refresher course. We know all of the facts but some of them should be reviewed to make a deeper impression of the whys and why nots to contemplate whether this is worth the effort to try again.
  • Lots of things in life do not offer a “Do Over” but we need to take advantage of the things we can “Do Over” and have a shot at achieving a better score, a fitter body, a healthier life, and a more successful financial situation.
  • I think failure is not measured by how many start overs and/or tries but for the end result. How many millionaires and billionaires had to stop, think, usually feel like they failed, and then kick themselves in the rear, pick themselves up, and go at life like a winner.
  • I keep the idea of starting over in the same mental category with the phrase, “If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try again!”
  • How many times did it take when you tried something that you love to do? Did you fall trying to ski? Did you bust your rear end on the floor when you roller skated? Did you ride your bike without a fall and when you fell, did you throw the bike away or get up, dust your seat off and go at it with even more determination?



Life is a trial and a trial means many attempts at getting it right and getting the job done. Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the fullest by learning from your mistakes and improving all things by starting over and over and over again. Good living my friends!

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GETTING REAL WITH REALITY may be a little too real this morning but this topic will be similar to sand paper and rub you the wrong way but to create a good finish, it has to be hurtful. Recently, several instances and events occurred around me and others and it seemed meaningful to GET REAL not only with myself but others too.  I looked up the word realism and analytically, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

  1. 1.
    the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly.
    “the summit was marked by a new mood of realism”
    synonyms: pragmatismpracticalitycommon sense, levelheadedness

    “optimism tinged with realism”
  2. 2.
    the quality or fact of representing a person, thing, or situation accurately or in a way that is true to life.
    “the earthy realism of Raimu’s characters”
    synonyms: authenticityfidelityverisimilitudetruthfulnessfaithfulness

    “a degree of realism”

    When you read through the definitions, what are the words that stick out? Did “as it is” or did “authenticity” or “levelheadedness” hit you smack dab in the face? This brings the topic to the forefront of this blog.

    Here goes my opinion: In a world of fake-ness and this is not going to get political, but fake news, it is too easy to buy into all of non-realism. To me, it started when women first with fake breasts, butt augmentation, and nose jobs and then men began to alter their appearances too . The alter realism or fake world began. If truth be known, the judgment of each other became a common place. When men looked at women, they liked what they saw but found natural women less attractive and for some reason put fake-ness on a higher platform. When celebrities pushed the button and a natural curvy woman became a thing of the past, a renaissance image; the world began to admire the fake image or what was perceived as beauty but never was it perfect enough.


    We lost the era of calendar girls, even the Marilyn Monroe image and it led to giving up the Law of Attraction’s Accepting philosophy. I may not agree with everything but watch the video for positivity with assertion of confidence. You can view the video by clicking on the link below.

    The Truth on Changing your Appearance


    Did this video help you to see what we see in ourselves and accepting how we truly look and act can actually attract acceptance from others? Put this theory to the test by getting real and being real. If we are blessed to have gifts, share them. If we aren’t the prettiest girl or guy on the block, remember that Lucille Ball was a beautiful women but she is remembered by her zany actions and odd facial expressions. So was Phyllis Diller, the comedienne, and she played the zaniness up to the max. We can also look at the men who made the most of their “normal looks” by hamming it up. Can you think of John Candy, Red Skelton, and Mr. Bean?

    We live in a materialistically cruel world and to survive and what I like to think “Thrive” we rid ourselves of false expectations. I was reminded the other day when I Portrait Pro’d a photo of myself by my husband who said why did you do that? I said to look my best for the author site and he laughed and said, “You don’t need any fixing, you look beautiful the way you are.” I am not repeating that for vanity but realism. We should love each and every wrinkle as those are experience lines, both good and bad. It speaks volumes for our journey of life.

    images (1)


    I will give you one more example for your soaking of reality and how it is that one magic moment in your life when you find out you are more than enough, sufficient within your soul and life, and special because of your uniqueness. I will remind you when you are watching the shows that are related to nature and the host or the animal trainer or rescuer comes on, would you relate to them if they weren’t tan or even leather skinned, weather worn, dressed in khaki or similar common but practical clothes? True or not true? When have you seen a fancy, dancy outdoorsman or woman? It is simply how true realism works and if we apply that truth, we let down our guard and become a real person, with the good parts, average parts, and even the parts we aren’t the fondest.


    LIVE LIFE, LOVE LIFE, AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST BY GETTING REAL  with REALITY. I wish you the very best life has to offer.

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HOW DO YOU EAT A HOT DOG? This topic may surprise you, especially if you eat a hot dog as it was designed to eat. I decided to share a little secret about how you can tell a lot about someone’s personality how they eat a simple hot dog. I love going off the normal track and wander off the beaten trail. It is amazing how much you can learn by observation and this is really the point of the blog today. Follow me off the path of normal behavior to find those who are willing to take a chance. How do you eat your hot dog? How do you cut your sandwich? What order do you eat your food?

Okay, you may say this is the way I eat my hot dog so what is the big deal? Well, I don’t eat my hot dog this way and I think it speaks volumes. I have always been a “in the moment” person and never have boasted about having patience. I want it now attitude has been a force in my life and I will do what I need to do to get it done. So why is the fact that I never eat a hot dog from one end but I take a bite out of the other end at some point while I am eating my hot dog. It is anticipation and curiosity that drives that bite. I have had people to ask why I do this but most people never notice. This will be the second point of my topic, how observant are we?

Let me find out a little bit about you:

How do you hold your hot dog? One or two hands?

Do you ever use utensils to eat a hot dog?

Do you start from one end and eat your dog all the way to the other end?

Do you ever take a bite from the other end while eating a hot dog?

Do you dress the dog or the bun or both?


From my observation of life and people, may I lend some insight in your personality derived from the way you eat your dog as it pertains to your life:

  1. If you hold the dog with both hands, you tend to be over cautious in life with hesitations to take risks but you are dependable and detailed in any task you undertake. If you hold it with only one hand, you willingly take on risks and new adventures without a lot of thought. In other words, you are more spontaneous if you eat it with one hand.
  2. If you eat with utensils, you are too meticulous and have a problem dealing with the unexpected. You tend to be a worry wart and are always conscious of your clothes, your dress, your status and others’ opinions.
  3. If you eat the hot dog by starting from one end and taking each bite in the same direction and would never consider taking a bite from the other end before you finish, you are steady and driven by normal behavior and patterns. In other words, you are predictable. But what does it say if you take a bite from the other end? It says nothing is set in stone but you are willing to think outside the box, creative juices flow from your mind, and you can accept a new way to do things and are very flexible in your way of doing things.
  4. If you dress the hot dog and not the bun, you are consistent and organized but could lean to the rigid way of doing things. You can be slightly inflexible and have to live on a schedule or routine. Your drawers have to be neat and organized. If you dress the bun, you don’t like too much neatness and organization. You prefer life to be a little messy and dripping with problems. Stuffy people bore you and you prefer to be around people who can deal with irresponsibility. Now, for the one that may surprise you is if you dress both the dog and the bun. In other words, you pile it all on the bun and dog. You want it all and you will eat through the messy parts, enjoy the flavors, and savor each bite. This is the person you know who knows no boundaries and rules. They live for the next bite and don’t worry about the possible indigestion.

images (1)

Did you find this interesting? How do you eat your hot dog if you eat hot dogs at all? This is another subject for another day. What you will find out about people is through observation. Look at the next person you meet and wonder how they would eat a hot dog. You will be surprised when you combine those traits, which we all have, and the actions/personalities. Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the fullest by listening, observing, and getting to know your fellow woman or man.

images (2)






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THE LESSON FROM THE BLENDER may seem a little strange. This is an appliance that chops, pulses, purees, and blends. What kind of lesson can come from a electrical tool, you may ask.  As always, I love to bring cooking into play since it is something I love to do and life presents a lesson when I pay attention. How many of you have never given any thought of the functions or how to properly use this handy tool? I will compare how a correctly used blender can be similar to a properly used life. So let’s open the lid on this topic.


Let us examine how to properly use a blender from an article I found.

5 Tips to Use Your Blender Efficiently.

Having the right blender in your kitchen arsenal can make all the difference. A good blender can make preparing everything from blended drinks to pureed soups a snap, as long as you know how to use it. Unfortunately, many people do not use their blenders properly or as efficiently as they could. Below you will find a collection of useful tips to help you get the most out of your blender.

Use the Lid Correctly

We have all made the mistake of forgetting to put the lid on the blender before hitting the power button. If you’ve done this before, you know that it can not only make a big mess in your kitchen, but it can set your meal preparation back to square one. Putting the lid firmly on the blender before starting it may seem like a no-brainer, but it is surprisingly easy to forget this step. Not only do you need to put the lid on firmly, but you should know how to use the lid correctly. Many modern blenders have lids that enable you to use extra features. For example, many blender lids have a removable center piece that allows you to add ingredients while the blender is running. This option is great for blending solid ingredients because you may need to add extra liquid during the blending process to ensure a smooth and even blend.

Start at Low Speed and Work Your Way Up

Many people make the mistake of only using their blender on the highest setting. It might seem like choosing the highest power setting will blend your ingredients more quickly, but it could just leave you with an uneven blend. Especially when blending liquids and solids together, you want to start on a low power setting and work your way up. If the blender is having a hard time with solid ingredients, add a little extra liquid before moving up in speed.

Don’t Forget About the Pulse Button

Most people do not even know the real intended function of the pulse button on their blender. You can certainly use the pulse feature to chop ingredients before blending them, but the pulse button was actually designed to help dislodge food that gets stuck in the blade. When using your blender, if it suddenly starts to shudder or make a loud grinding noise, it is probably because something is stuck in the blade. Turn the power off then hit the pulse button a few times to dislodge the stuck ingredients, then go back to blending.

Vent the Steam When Blending Hot Ingredients

Most blenders can be used to blend hot ingredients, but you need to be careful when doing so. For one thing, the hot ingredients could cause the blender to heat up so be careful when touching it after blending hot ingredients. Second, blending hot ingredients will produce steam and that steam needs to be vented. If your blender has a removable filler cap in the middle of the lid, remove it when blending hot ingredients to prevent steam buildup. If you are worried about ingredients coming out the top of the blender, you can cover it loosely with a towel as you blend.

Clean Your Blender Properly After Each Use

Depending what model you have, cleaning your blender can take a bit of time. If you don’t do it properly after each use, however, you will have food build-up on the blade and in the blender housing which could affect future performance. Your best bet is to rinse the blender carafe with hot water immediately after emptying it and to rinse the blade as well. Some blenders are dishwasher-safe which makes the task of cleaning them much easier, but a good rinse before throwing it in the dishwasher is still a good idea to make sure you get rid of all food residue. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the blender sitting on the counter or in the sink for a day or two before cleaning – it will only make your job that much more difficult.

Understanding your blender and all of its extra features can take time but it is a must if you want to get the most out of your blender. Be sure to peruse the instruction manual when you open up your blender for the first time to ensure that you understand all of the safety features as well as the special functions. Keeping the tips listed above in mind will also help you to make the most of your blender.

download (1)

Here is my comparison of life’s blender instructions:

Use the Lid Correctly: I apply this to Use Your Head/Mind Correctly. Life presents challenges and it is important to “Keep the lid on” while considering any major move or decision. What looks great in the blend might not look as good splattered all over your life in the same way if you do not place the lid on a blender correctly, it may go everywhere.

Start at Low Speed and Work Your Way Up: As exciting as a new venture, relationship, career, and/or hobby might appear, take it a little slowly to absorb all of the challenges of the new undertaking. In other words, the same way to properly blend or puree ingredients in a blender, take time to ramp up the speed. Ingredients in a relationship need time to evaluate the similarities, the differences, and the time for those different flavors to blend properly. One ingredient may need to be added at the end to prevent premature break down. Sometimes, combining ingredients that truly don’t work together, as in non compatibility aspects in personalties will not be as tasty if thrown together without consideration. Will it work? Will it taste good later?

Don’t Forget About the Pulse Button: In a relationship or even in life itself, we need to push the pulse button. Let’s think about diet, exercise, motivation, and inspiration. Pulsing is better when properly applied. Every dish doesn’t require pulsing, but there are times in our lives we need to hit that pulse button, get a new outfit, start a new program of eating or exercising or both.

Vent the Steam When Blending Hot Ingredients: Oh is this one a wise instruction for all of us to vent a little steam when life adds some hot ingredients (disagreements, disputes, emotional disappointments, unreciprocated love, passovers for promotions, etc). Take time to vent the anger, hurt, or disappointment so that you do not have an overflow that you cannot control.

Clean Your Blender Properly After Each Use: This is an important and necessary step in living life to the max. If you do not take the time to properly clean up afterwards and take care of yourself in the process, life will become nasty and undesirable. There will always be a mess to clean up, a cleansing of your mind and body and especially your soul. Take the time to keep it spotless and properly displayed by sharing your love and life with others.


As you can see, life lessons are present in every action or thought we have. Take time to look around and think “Can I learn from this?” Live Life; Love Life: Live Life to the Fullest by Blending Love into Your Life.

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CAN WE GO BACK TO FLOWER POWER? For some of you, flower power, the 60’s and the hippie days will not mean anything to you but for those of us who lived through them, we will happily relate. This week, this 69 year old gal had run out of energy after working on a web project and overseeing the field implementation of that project. In other words I was whipped. I thought I would share a little of my walk back to a time when we lived to live and love.

I was busy with work and found out my dear sister who I love so deeply and who has had more than her share of health issues in the last few years had a doctor’s appointment in the town we now live in. I haven’t had a chance to actually talk more than a couple minutes here and there. I invited them to come to lunch so we could visit. There wasn’t time for me to do one of my Arline lunches but my wonderful husband volunteered to pick up some barbecue and some ribs. I had fresh fruit along with some watermelon and lunch was on.

I have not been doing the “get every hair in place” routine and during this work marathon, there have been a lot of days my hair would be banded on top and not even worry about it. That seems like I am living the hippie life anyway, right? Well, I was in a hurry, grabbed a scarf and threw on a loose top, and some comfy pants. I took a picture and so many people complimented it when I posted it to be funny about me in a scarf. It caused me to pause and look at life through flower power, fields of poppies, tie died shirts, live for the moment. Before you think drugs and stuff, I didn’t participate in drugs at all. I didn’t drink except for a few experimental attempts at beer (sorry but that would never be a temptation for me) and a few take my breath away sips of alcohol which I wondered what was the appeal? I escaped that era of pot and other drugs but I don’t think it was drugs that was the big draw. Let me explain.

We lived with a wonderful love of change. Most of us had lived with segregation but integration was introduced and we found out we liked and welcomed the change. We found new friends and the world became larger and certainly more interesting. There was also an infiltration of losing the “status” thinking. Sure, some of us were poor, some were higher income origin, and even our upper echelon friends didn’t act like they were uppity. We talked, laughed, and were even silly together. The world became a playhouse and it was interesting to interact. There was no need for us to prove anything except the school requirements. It was okay to like all people of all races, and occasionally one of the stubborn hold to the old regime folks would act up but it was stopped by the rest of us. Times were changing and so were we! Love was in the air and we joined together as a group.

As we grew older, the world left us as hipsters but some of the 60’s children have hung onto the flower power decade. I have one of the most loving friends who still loves tie died and brilliant colors who served as a detective for over 30 years, almost 40 and give that gal any semblance of the 60’s and she flashes the biggest smile. I am trying to find a picture of her in some of her most favorite shirts. Here is my life long friend Jan Malphus Downing, hippie extraordinaire. Her dream would be to possess Janis Joplin’s Porsche.


What is the most remarkable result of the 60’s? I think we are the most accepting of the decade kids. We usually love and let live. You don’t have to believe as we do; you have the right to be unique. We invite uniqueness but love to intertwine in the mixture of talents and gifts. We love our Maker and our Earth and the inhabitants. Can you stir us up if you want to fight and explode without a true cause, by all means we will tell you how we feel.

My final thoughts about flower power is in this time of turmoil and sheer rudeness, is maybe you need to braid some flowers in your hair, throw on a tie died shirt or moo-moo, put on some groovy music and escape all of this nonsensical drama. Find a field of flowers and lay down and watch the clouds. You will be surprised at how trivial all of the hoopla is and what is really important. While you return to our time of love and laughter, you may find yourself smiling while twirling a flower stem in your hands.

Live Life, Love Life, and Live Life to the fullest by stopping to laugh and love with Flower Power! 

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This was posted in 2016 and after watching all of the ego maniacs wandering through our news media, our politicians and our celebrities, it is time for an average person to say to all of them, LET GO OF YOUR EGO! I have been amazed and truly disappointed at the brazen nature of people’s statements and acting like they are all that. I say, get off the soap boxes and get real with ourselves. Egos can get in the way of true recognition for a person’s talents. Let’s read this post again and maybe we can let it sink in…..we all bleed red and who are we to say hateful and spiteful speeches when the same spiteful person would not look so great under a microscope. Together we rise, divided we fall!


TODAY THE WORDS are LET GO EGO. This one can be a very sensitive, two sided sword subject but here we go. Ego, oh ego, I might could get something accomplished it I let go of my ego! I say, however, we have attached a label to something and given it a “not so nice” name.

e·go /ˈēgō/ Noun

  1. A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance: “a boost to my ego”.
  2. The part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of…
In my opinion, the reference to self-esteem is more important than the self-importance and also pay attention to the mind section that deals with reality testing. Now let’s get real as I normally do. We, as humans, need a good self-esteem or as I had rather call it self confidence to give us a boost of courage to try things, take well thought out risks, and sometimes we have to fly by the seats of our pants. These elements have to be completed in the adventure of life. So in order to do those things, we have to possess some ego. The reference to a double edge sword is because it can cut both ways. At some point in some people’s lives, and I was in my past among that count, ego can become the enemy of life. We have some successes due to the good side of “ego” and unfortunately, if we are not careful; we flip the sword of ego to the “self-importance side”. We sometimes stop using the portion of ego that gives us a reality check and we can become self absorbed. Now, we have trouble; it has to be our way or the highway; our plan or no plan; our spotlight or no light at all; or me, me, me is the theme. This is now ego on the destructive side. When self-esteem is replaced by the other side of the sword, self-importance, what usually happens is non-productive action.

Let me give us a deeper thought on this….A crossroad if you please. We travel down the road of life, we struggle to find the right path, we get lost a few times on the road. We make this trip several times and each time we become more familiar with our destination. We start feeling confident, we move faster, we make better time each trip, and finally we know this road by heart and feel good about ourselves (in other words we have a healthy ego). Another trip down the same road, and we start feeling so confident and feel really strong about our talents and have this feeling that we can travel this road better than anyone else can travel and we get a little over confident (self important). Our mind starts shutting down on the reality check and we come to a crossroad and all of a sudden, even though we have traveled this road so many times, we take a different turn and guess what, we become lost all over again. Instead of asking a fellow traveler what is the way to go, we struggle and find our ego defeated by itself. God wants us to have confidence He has given us all we need to go down the road of life without getting lost, but if we do, He wants us to check His road map and get us going in the right direction.



Proverbs 13:10 (#4 of 10 Bible Verses about Pride and Arrogance)

10Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T what it means to me.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 7.40.44 AM.png

I keep this picture of Mother Theresa and I can’t remember where I saw it first but it keeps me in check about the meaning of true love. Also I have learned about respect for fellow human beings from her. If you have never read her background, google her story and it will astonish you of her dedication to serving others. I thought about the word respect and thought I would share some of my feelings about respect with all of you.

I come from a different generation than most of my readers but not all so some of you will remember having some of the same memories. I am not advocating a return to the world I grew up in but a few of those life philosophies could be revived to create a better world of respect and harmony. Before I visit my childhood, I found an excerpt about Respect for the Parent which is based on Respect for Themselves.

Respect For You, Respect For Themselves

When you earn your children’s respect, they also learn to respect themselves. Respect is so important because, without it, children can’t value themselves or others. Children who don’t respect themselves are more likely to drink alcohol, take drugs, have sex, and treat others badly. Children who lack self-respect simply don’t care about themselves or anyone else.

Children who have self-respect treat themselves well. They’re less likely to do harmful things, they make good choices, and they tend to act in ways that are in their own best interests. The benefits of teaching the value of respect early include children who:

  • Are happier, more successful, and have healthier relationships.
  • Are unselfish, considerate, caring, and generous.
  • Respect you and other influential adults.
  • Honor reasonable boundaries placed on them.
  • Are more likely to trust you and abide by your directives.

Contrary to the assertions of popular culture, when you act like parents you engender healthy respect, encourage caring relationships, and foster their positive development.

Be the Parent

Popular culture tells you that to be a good parent, you should be friends with your children. You should hang out with them, tell them anything, and treat them as equals. But when you’re friends with your children, you actually detract from the strength of your relationship and surrender your influence over them. When you become friends with your children, you give up your unique relationship with them because they have many friends, but they have only two (hopefully) parents.



Now, back to the good ole days which were filled with fun and laughter, tears and fears, but also with a lot of respect to parents, family, neighbors, friends, traditions and conditions. Oh yes, there was discipline if disrespect was shown. It was usually quick and probably without much thought given. It worked off the theory, that it only takes one time if you put your hand on a hot stove to teach you not to touch it again. No, our parents didn’t stick our hands on hot stove but they worked up some heat on our rear ends. You, as a parent, can make the decision whether or not you will use discipline or not…..not my circus! What I can say, is whatever you say as a response to disrespect will forever implant the future actions of your children. If it is nothing but a verbal reprimand or time out or however you deem “respectful” of your child’s action, mean it and claim it. Do not be indecisive; be firm but respectful.


I have made it a practice as I am sure many of you have practiced the same thing; I do not call a child stupid or even an adult. They may, and I may, do stupid things but to say someone is stupid is an insult to those mentally challenged and their actions out of their control. The person or even yourself can control our actions, words, and/or responses. We have the mental capacity to exercise R-E-S-P-E-C-T when interacting with others, both children and adults.


To prevent hate is not to exercise hate. Who do we ever think we are in life that we can exercise disrespect for another human being? If someone is down on their luck, unhappy, unhealthy, or any other state of life, show respect and compassion. Count your blessings that you have been spared of this discomfort. In other words, Put A Little Love in Your Heart as the song says.

Put A Little Love In Your Heart (1969) lyrics:
Think of your fellow man
Lend him a helping hand
Put a little love in your heart
You see it’s getting late
Oh please don’t hesitate
Put a little love in your heart
And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place
For you and me
You just wait and to see
Another day goes by And still the children cry
Put a little love in you heart
If you want the world to know
We won’t let hatred grow
Put a little love in your heart
And the world will be a better plac
e And the world will be a better place
For you and me
You just wait and to see
Wait and see
Take a good look around
And if you’re look in’ down
Put a little love in your heart
I hope when you decide
Kindness will be your guide
Put a little love in your heart
And the world will be a better place
And the world will be a better place
For you and me
You just wait and see
Put a little love in your heart
Put a little love in your heart
Put a little love in your heart
Put a little love in your heart
I leave you with a little love from my heart to yours so don’t be selfish and pass it around. Live Life; Love Love; and Live Life to the Fullest by loving and giving until it hurts…..Arline Miller, blogger and Lover of Life
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