Some of you may ask, “Aren’t you an inspirational blogger?” If you do, allow me to elaborate on my thoughts. I have contemplated this thought over the years. I have read inspirational books, articles, social media posts, and have gained temporary insight from each one I have read. I am not advocating we stop reading or watching motivational speakers at all. They add something to our thought process. Bear with me while I move through my thought process which was the “inspiration” behind the title.

Do you remember when you were a child and wanted to achieve a certain goal? It might have been to throw a softball, twirl a baton, ride a bike, run faster than anybody else, etc. Whatever the goal was, it was your personal goal and even though others had mastered this task, it only meant something to you when you accomplished it and could smile knowing you had achieved your goal. This is the element that created the title and let’s dive into this process.

I will share a few thought provoking questions to start this mental process:

  1. When you see someone doing something you find exciting, interesting, and/or challenging, what is the first thought going through your mind?
  2. When you have a goal, such as weight loss, how much thought do you give it as to how you will obtain your goal?
  3. Do you ask questions, research, or go to seminars or watch learning videos for ideas?
  4. Do you feel you can accomplish any task you set your mind to undertake?
  5. Do you see yourself successful or do you see yourself in a rut and can’t get out?

The reasons I ask these questions is if you can answer them in a positive light, you are there, right there with me, asserting yourself as ‘I can do anything I set my mind to doing.’

Starting with question 1, if you are excited, interested, and/or challenged, you have taken Step 1 in self motivation even if it is an outside source/person who initiates your mental intrigue.

Secondly, if you don’t jump in impulsively on a new goal, as I exampled, weight loss and you spend time with yourself to prepare your mental state to work with you and not against you in this process. It is great to research to find the best and most workable plan for your individual needs. Losing weight is not a one size fits all and your tastes, disciplinary levels, health, and how you perceive yourself in whichever method you choose.

Thirdly, researching, learning and asking questions is essential. When you find ways to achieve any goal, it becomes personal to you. Tweak a plan, try alternate methods, and by all means, go with what is achievable to avoid setting yourself up for failure. Work mentally for success, not failure by exercising positive statement and rewards for progress levels. I have lost almost 40 pounds but I don’t go by a hard goal of 50 or 60 pounds but I take celebration breaks at 10 pound intervals. In other words, set intermediary goals along the way and cheer yourself onward.

The fourth question should be the number 1 question but I didn’t want to throw a monkey wrench in our inspirational journey. ‘I think I can, I think I can, I think I can should be ‘I know I can, I know I can, I know I can! Think of the times when you have made up your mind to do something. What happened? Unless some uncontrollable factor came into play, You Did It. Believing in yourself and not following anyone because they accomplished it is the KEY.

The fifth thought is vital. Look in the mirror and see your hero. This is the person, as a matter of fact, the only person who can change your life, inspire you to the point of action, and maintain a vigilant presence to keep you on track. Say to yourself, I CAN DO THIS! I WANT TO DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS!

I read an article about Cliff Young who at 61 won an UltraMarathon against young runners. He never thought about actually winning, if there was a prize, but he knew he was good at running. Google his story as it will be one of inspiration. I write inspirational posts and blogs and have done my best to motivate others. If you can dream it, it is in your mind to accomplish it. You have already thought of what you want to accomplish, all you have to do is DO IT!

Thanks for reading my blog and allowing me to offer a reason why you have all of the tools to inspire yourself and once you do something you have a desire to accomplish, a greater goal appears…..You want to share it with others.

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I have cooked since I was 12 or 13 in the kitchen since my Mom worked and on Saturdays, I began cooking for my family. It wasn’t sandwiches as those were the days when meals were meals. I could fry chicken or pork chops and there were side dishes. At that time, I didn’t bake anything but rolls. Looking back now, at age 71, I may have survived largely due to the time in the kitchen as my therapy sessions. I love to cook and bake and simply adore a post that someone used one of my recipes. For those of you who cringe at the thought, another type of hobby can do as much for you if it is something you love.

Here is the clincher. I have diabetes II and have had to monitor and watch what and when I eat. So, my cooking and baking is not necessarily for me but I love to spoil people with the dishes they love. One of the things that has helped me the most in managing my diabetes is I eat very small portions on a regular schedule. I don’t go long periods without a small piece of this or that and only indulge in a high carb or sugary dessert as a rarity. Over the years, I found that a spoonful of a dish can keep me from feeling I have been deprived. Some people do not have the will power to do this type of eating but it works for me and my A1C is dropping to a healthier level. My doctor said he was happy and I replied, if you are happy so am I.

I plan on sharing some of the meals/dishes I cook and believe me, they are mostly Southern dishes. I throw in some healthy dishes too but if you want more of them, watch my tab Healthy Bites at the top of my blog. I will try to add more of the yummy recipes there for the ones who love to eat healthier.

Another tip for all of you whether you are watching your weight, your health, or your happiness. Pretty food provides a mental ploy. When you see a plate that is “dressed up” your mind will be better convinced that it is also tasty. Look at this variety of salad photos for an example:

I show you these for a reason, as I found that making food a display of colors is more enticing that throwing it together without thought. Sure, it all goes to the same place but how you perceive it going down can be therapeutic and more satisfying. It is hard to imagine that you are sacrificing when you see the brilliant colors and taste the freshness. Are you beginning to understand how taking a little time, receiving satisfaction from the creation, and then tasting your reward can be a wonderful experience while at the same time filling your belly?

I hope you will try to become a food artist and while you are preparing your pretty plates of healthy choices, take photos and then look through them. I hope you see the art of eating instead of the indulgence. Good eating my readers!

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I have given this post a lot of thought. It seems we are struggling to accept others and this struggle has brought a lot of discord among all people. Politics have taken the place of parenting as we are persuaded to think this way or another. As children, our source of influence was simpler. We had parents who wanted us to behave in a certain way, respect or even disrespect according to how they felt, and our faith had a lot more to do with how they believed than a personal relationship with a Higher Power. Today, I look at the pros and cons of thinking on our own and finding ways of accepting ourselves in order for a better assessment of how we feel about others.

Let us begin with the quote from Lucille Ball:

Love Yourself First And Everything Else Falls İnto Line. You Really Have To Love Yourself To Get Anything Done İn This World.

How can we expect to love others with their imperfections if we do not accept our imperfections? How can we accept love from others when we are incapable of accepting self love?

I looked at this perception of love and I know this is the key to a more peaceful transition. This quote from John Spence is reflective of my thoughts:

Maybe if we get alone with ourselves, accept the good qualities we possess, as well as the imperfections which may be inherent or here’s a thought…We can work on ourselves first to improve our ability to co-exist with others if we obtain a peaceful environment about ourselves. I have assembled some questions to begin the contemplation of whether we truly love ourselves as a person:

Here are some thought provoking questions:

1- If I met someone exactly like myself, would I like them or would I find fault?

2-Could I carry on a conversation with me and find it interesting, boring, or antagonizing?

3-When I am alone, am I content or do I try to find alternate ways to avoid myself by eliminating alone time?

4-When looking in a mirror, do I look at myself realistically or do I imagine a different person staring back at me such as a younger, leaner, athletic, or a more contented person?

5-Do I value my thoughts and write down my thoughts or do I depend only on others written words?

6-Do I share my thoughts or creative ideas on how to do something with others or offer to teach things I know how to do well?

7- Do I always find myself in contradiction to surroundings, events, news, books, movies, etc.?

8-Can I compliment myself when I exhibit good qualities or do I shy away from personal achievement or recognition?

9-Do I see my life as a success, even with occasional set backs or do I feel like a failure?

10-Can I express love for myself to do the following instructions as expressed by Dr. Steve Maraboli?

This self evaluation is necessary for us to be fair in how we accept others. It would be impossible to accept others if we cannot accept ourselves. We, as well as others, will never be perfect. Imperfection is a part of love, self and expressing love to and for others. In life, the average looking girl can be happier than a homecoming queen sometimes. The reasoning is the bar was never pushed so high for the average girl but so high for the homecoming queen that maintaining happiness is not sustainable as time and wrinkles come. Live in reality, love the uniqueness of each individual by initially accepting yourself.

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I was inspired to write a poem and I cried when I read the words I had written. I

don’t express this as an attempt for attention but I felt this one in my soul.

A Soldier’s Last Night

As I woke from a restful sleep, I began to wonder

How a lonely soldier felt about his chosen plight.

In the trenches, so far away from home, so somber.

Did he know the ultimate price he would pay tonight?

As he lay in the muddy hole which would be his last

His heart, did it pound or was he unusually calm?

Did he stay alert, did he pray, and that tear fall fast?

His silent cry, his grip tightened, only thoughts of harm.

Did he think about the protests and why he was here?

Or did he only try to overcome any temptation to run?

Did he find the urge to do his best and to hide any fear?

He may not have known his job on earth was done.

Did those hours before his end seem like a million years?

Was it true that one’s life does indeed flash before the eyes?

We may never know, only a brave soldier’s mind would veer.

We come to pay homage at the cold grave where he lies.

A small flag stands as a symbol of his ultimate sacrifice.

A cross may stand to remind us of his absence of life.

To you, the soldier who stood tall and paid the price

For Our Freedom, let us honor and recognize your strife.

Written by Arline Miller with homage and respect for all of

The Fallen and Gone but Never Forgotten.

Happy Memorial Day, May 25, 2020

This last Friday and Saturday were filled with my husband, Greg Miller, participating in the flag placement activity. He made me so proud of him for posting, calling, asking neighbors and businesses to donate flags to be placed on the graves at Oakridge Cemetery in advance for today’s celebration. Our neighbors, Lowes, and many other organizations, including American Legion, civic leaders and citizens donated and placed about 1400 flags. One of our neighbors, Ike Branch, was active in the placement event right along with Greg and about 40 dedicated participants.

Greg Miller, American Legion Member and Ike Branch, local clergyman and neighbor at the flag placement event.

An additional tribute and such a life lesson taught by Greg for and with our oldest grandsons, Abram, Jonas, and Nolan Miller on how to properly respect and depose of the existing flags taken from the cemetery. They readily filled the need to ready the flags for the retiring ceremony to be completed by local scout group. Respect is taught at an early age and continues throughout life.

Abram, Jonas, and Nolan Miller making sure the flags are properly dismantled and taken for the flag retirement ceremony by the Boy Scouts.

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TODAY THE WORDS are I SHALL REMEMBER YOU. This holiday especially, even though some of us still work on this day while others get to relax and enjoy celebration, is one for all of us, no matter where or what we do on this day, to take more than a few seconds and whisper to all fallen soldiers worldwide, not just America “I shall remember you”.

I would like to step outside the USA boundaries and give us something to ponder on this Memorial Day. A soldier is a soldier! A soldier is also a son or daughter of parents and when they came into this world, the entire world lit up in the same parents eyes.

God sees beyond nationality, ethnicity, social circles, wealth or poverty, and God tells us to love all people. With this in mind, God doesn’t agree with mistreating others and does not agree with evil in any form, shape, or religion. This may cause confusion to many. When a soldier gets an order it is an order and he will fight, he will save lives, he will rescue and/or destroy. He is not carrying out his personal feelings sometimes but is being a true soldier. So many times, in the heat of the battle, opposing soldiers have found themselves in a predicament and did a valorous deed and actually assisted his “enemy”. What is hard for all of us to understand is that war is the enemy, not the actual soldier. What is harder to understand; the soldier has to and will respond to enemy fire or combat without seeing the soldier as a human being. War, in any form, is a tragedy for so many and cannot be taken lightly. If, we as God’s people, can figure out a way to avoid war and share love for all mankind; we can say, “I shall remember” and remember how we were able to lie down like that lamb and the lion together (technically not the way it is actually stated as you will see below) in God’s love.

Happy Memorial Day to all members of the military, family and friends of those who have sacrificed and paid the highest price so that we can look around today and enjoy God’s beauty and freedom to breathe a sigh of relief and peace.


Isaiah 11:6 King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.

(C) copyright 2020 Arline Lott Miller. The material here copyrighted, use only by permission. Third party material including photos are sourced to original location if known for credit references.



Sometimes, a blog post I write is worthy of repeating or is especially meaningful to me. As we celebrate Easter, I am always aware of the sunrise on Easter morn. I also remember our Mother saying Thank You Jesus every morning when she rose. Let’s keep the love and sacrifice alive all year round. Happy Easter and Thank You Jesus!

TODAY THE WORDS are A SUNRISE LIKE NO OTHER. Throughout our lives, we have witnessed many sunrises, some more outstanding than others. Some of us may have, as on this special occasion attended sunrise ceremonies, to see how miraculous each sunrise is and how unique the sun can alter its magnificent appearance. We take photographs of the first peek of the sun rising above the land, lake, mountain or ocean and expressions of excitement or a quite, reverent sigh comes out of our mouths. I have been known to hug when it bursts from the bottom and starts its powerful climb into the sky. Sunrises are awesome but this morning as so many Easter mornings, my heart goes to the sunrise like no other which I want to believe had to occur when Jesus rose from the tomb. As humbly as Jesus lived, even His resurrection and appearance to Mary Madeline was quiet and demure. However, I believe God was beyond happy, beyond excited, and beyond control of being quiet and was bursting with pride as a Father would be and had to “show out” with the most brilliant, most illustrious sunrise. The clouds from the gloomy Good Friday were pushed back and the skies had to be that blue which only God can produce and allow God’s creative sunrise to shine through. It makes me think this special sunrise almost would hurt the viewer’s eyes but it had to be so incredible, the viewer could also not turn away.   I would think people who were awake might even give the other person with them a hug. Something special about this day would be on their minds, but for my deeper thought….Were they aware of how special and how their lives would be forever changed by this sunrise and the events which had taken place? Do we, as people realize that no matter how people who try to change the truth of the real meaning of Easter, fail in the final attempt?    

Easter hope

As each sunrise occurs, the same glory God felt on that first Easter is present today and what changed with that sunrise that was like no other is present today. When you have seen a beautiful sunrise, and your heart feels it is like no other; I think it may be God reminding us of His Son’s Resurrection and pathway for our salvation. Enjoy Easter; enjoy each sunrise and sunset; and recognize God’s beauty in all of these things.   Side note from the blogger on the morning before Easter morning: I woke this morning with a heavier heart than usual. More than not, during the Easter season, it is placed on my heart how we as humans fail to live up to the life of Christ and we allow distrust, anger, frustration, and confusion about all of the worldly events going on. I felt this morning a sense of a need for a special display of love. I had written a poem about a week ago and thought I would share it for this Easter season.  

The Tiny Crosses on the Pines

From my humble vantage from below

I look up and see the lofty crosses flow

In the wind, they bend and show

What we realize is a sign for us to know.

Jesus you left us with a reminder to agree

The crosses on the pines at Easter  will be.

You died on a wooden cross to set us free.

Each year, they will grow and we will see.

My Dear Lord, You could have left us alone.

To live with Your Father on His throne.

But you chose a human form  with bone.

For redemption from our sins we’ve sown.

I will reverently cherish those tiny  statues

Heavenly Father carved them for our views.

May we bow and pray with reverence in pews.

Jesus, we thank You for those wooden hues.

Easter will be a day for us to reflect on You

Your life, sacrifice, death and resurrection too.

As those tiny crosses point the way to You.

We will worship and fill our spirits anew.

Happy Easter with love and reverence to Our Lord

written by Arline Miller

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I have taken a break from writing the blog but I have checked in from time to time. I have seen several readers going back to the older blogs and it warmed my blogger’s heart. I want to say Thank You.

I have been posting on my Facebook page and here are some of the thoughts I have given voice. I wanted to give you a little something to keep in touch.

Today’s Thought: with the recent events causing schools, businesses, and events being closed, cancelled, or rescheduled I thought of the need for all of us to learn to be flexible. Even life itself can be unpredictable. It can end and at some point, it will. Maybe not from a known risk but it is coming. Should we worry? I thought this morning if everyone gave as much focus and desire for God as they have given for toilet paper, life would have no worries because we would know our butts would be covered. Just saying…Arline Miller

Some of us have been practicing social distancing for quite a while but now can use coronavirus as our excuse. I remember the days when the weekends were with family and I am not talking about immediate family only and were filled with activities that didn’t cost money except for the gas to get to the others’ home or them to come to yours (gas was very cheap then too) and we had clean fun with lots of laughter. I stand guilty of not visiting like I should, and will admit I have been self-quarantining for a while. I think I traveled so much with previous jobs that I got tired of the road. I don’t like drop-in guests and I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I do. I never go to anyone’s home without prior notice. It started when I would go somewhere and all I heard was foul language. I am not a prude and in my “prior” life ashamed to admit that I could hold my own with a foul-mouthed sailor. I guess when I hear so much of it, that reminds of days I am not proud of. I am not jumping on a bandwagon, as I am not worthy of saying anything about anything. It is just an explanation of social distancing. The other day, I scrolled down my news feed and hid about 9 or 10 posts that contained words I don’t want to see. It is fine if anyone is okay with that language, but again, I practice social distancing by hiding those posts and if they continue, I stop following them, not unfriend. Maybe in the coming weeks, when we all will be or at least should be practicing self-quarantine, we take a look at ourselves. I know I can improve many things about me. One maybe not posting this message, but if it offends you, you might do what I do and hide me!! Have a great day even if it is Monday and we are not sure what this virus is or not going to do. I am praying it is more hype than true pandemic but prepared to “Be Still and Know that I am God.”

What If, Dear Lord?

Dear Lord, I ask with all of my might
What if I am confused and scared tonight?
I find myself reeling from all life’s strife.
What if, Dear Lord I depart from this life?

Dear Child, I find you in such dire distress
What if I bring you home away from your stress?
You ask what if, but I assure you this will be.
What if, Dear Child, soon you do come to me?

Dear Lord, what will it be like in your paradise?
What if I can’t imagine how my emotions will rise?
You have promised all who believe streets of gold
Will I Dear Lord, walk with You and all saints of old?

Dear Child, rest now; I ask you to believe and not to fret
My heavenly mission on earth by you may not be set.
Why not talk to children, elders, fathers, and mothers?
What if I need you to speak my eternal love to others?

Dear Lord, my worthless heart is full of powerful love for you.
What if they don’t listen and heed your merciful words?
I am only a lonely sinner who was saved by your holy grace.
Will I Dear Savior make even a dent in someone’s way
What if my testimony gets only one lost soul to pray?

Dear Child, when you come to me and I will say to you.
What if, more souls had sought my love and been willing to do.
The things and times they would give of their souls.
Why my Child, they would have completed my goals.

What if, My Dear Lord? What if My Dear Lord?

Written by Arline Miller on 3/15/2020
Grateful, this came to me around 4 am as it often happens.

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” ~George Bernard Shaw

Today, what I get from this quote is that I have to resist against my own natural stubbornness to have it my way and be open minded to all of the changes that come within our lives. When we are young, we are resistant to authority (some people never change from this feeling to their demise), when we get older we seem to want everything to stay the same, even though our children, spouses and ourselves are changing. Once the natural changes in life occur, we want to blame life, others, circumstances, health and instead of being flexible, having a sense of humor, and changing habits that would curb some of the natural changes; we use the act of stubbornness to excuse our inability to change. Once we drop that feeling and open our minds to loving others more than we love ourselves, eating differently, acting maturely, and making wise financial choices; our lives seem to become better. Resistance is the culprit and it helps me to embrace facts that I cannot deny, support the changes, and appreciate my life as it is today and look forward to tomorrow. Have a fantastic, changing day and life; it can be exciting to do something different today!

My Observation about Corona Virus: With this alarm ringing in our ears, I have realized this may be a wake-up call for many facets of our lives. I have observed some character traits surfacing which made me do some good ole Southern thinking:
* When did we forget that this country had food lines and shortages of life’s necessity?
*When did we get such an entitled feeling of security to feel we are above hard times?
*Has this fear made us realize the plight of the unfortunate people who live among us?
*Have we thought about sharing any goods with those unfortunate or do we want to hoard excess amounts just in case?
*Have we given thought about decisions we make concerning the future of this country as this looks like a mock trial run of deprivation of those things we take for granted.
*Has greed or selfishness crept into the mental process or have we thought of ways to help or protect others?
*Has this slowed families down from all of the frivolous activities we have practiced which separate members, young and old from family-oriented activities? Where are all of those board games we played?
*Have we realized that we can spend time with God’s word, devotionals, children’s books which promote character/spiritual building in our homes and not just in church?
*Have we remembered how to cook and not depend on fast food? Where are those recipe books?

I could go on and on, talking about us having to be reminded to wash our hands, keep the necessary items on hand, protect ourselves and our families, be willing to give up those activities we have placed above family time….but I will leave all of us to our own thoughts. Take time to think if this has been presented to us to slow down, take better care of our bodies, think about what we are doing, where we are going, and what we are exposing ourselves. Stay safe, stay mentally alert but rational, prepare but not hoard, and remember if this was going to be our last day would we get a good report of how we treated others or would being ugly or rude to someone be how you would want to be remembered? I realize I think a lot about things and I write my thoughts to remind me as well of how I can be a better person……Taking caution but love is in my heart.

Staying alive and figuring out whether to blog or not to blog, I say hello for now and wish everyone to be safe, healthy, inspired, and happy. Until We Read Again……..Arline Miller


From finishing and publishing my third book in the series Reflections of Love, and several family losses, I was exhausted. The holidays were a blur this year and even beginning the New Year, I felt I should take a breather. I am beginning to feel as if I will begin to write again at some point. I would like to take a few minutes and offer my books at a Valentine Special for eBooks on

You know me as a blogger but this is a golden opportunity to get to know Arline Miller, the author of fictional romance splattered with suspenseful twists and turns. I have earned almost all Five Star Reviews but I would like to see what an expanded audience thinks of my plots and writing style.

Here is your opportunity for read for yourself and see what the excitement is all about. Check them out on Amazon and order all three books at this special price. This offer will only last until February 14th when Cupid will shoot its arrow and move it back to a great price. You want to act now if you plan on reading all of them.

99 cents per eBook is love at its best price. What are you waiting for?

I  am happy to share the link to my first novel in the series Reflections of Love titled A MISTRESS, A WIFE by Arline Miller

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I  am happy to share the link to my first novel in the series Reflections of Love titled A MISTRESS, A WIFE by Arline Miller

 am sharing the link to my second book TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL 

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 am sharing the link to my second book TELL ME LIES; LOVE ME STILL

I am sharing the link for my third book in my series RIDDLE ME THIS, LOVE OR BLISS?